Wholesale Enquires – Scarlet & Grace

Wholesale Enquires

Why do leading retailers choose to stock Scarlet & Grace?

  • We have a tailored range:
    • To enable you to select what products suit your clientele best.
  • Distinctive packaging:
    • No matter whether you choose the Signature or the Coastal Collection, our products are designed and guaranteed to draw the attention of your customers.
  • Full fragrance range:
    • Whether your'e looking for a classic or an exclusive fragrance, we’ve got something to delight the senses for everyone.
  • Premium quality:
    • When you stock a product from S&G, you’re giving your customers access to a certified Australian Made product, guaranteeing quality.
  • Boutique availability:
    • Part of our secret is we are very selective with whom we work with. Which allows us to have quick turn-arounds and provide you with excellent service.

Reach out to us today:

Head Office

E: sales@scarletandgrace.com.au
P: +61 3 5182 8686

Victorian Agent

Susi Eric
E: susi.eric@bigpond.com
P: 0408 740 977 

South Australian & Northern Territory Agent

Call Head Office Please.

Queensland Agent


Tasmanian Agent

Christiana Szczerba
E: christianaszczerba@yahoo.com.au
P: 0409 349 869

Western Australia

Louise Hickey
E: louise@inspiredagencies.com.au
P: 0457 009 801

New South Wales

Sylvia Dritsakis
E: emborioams@optusnet.com.au
P: 0422 574 227

New Zealand North Island

David Ralphs
E: davidralphsnz@gmail.com
P: +64 (02) 7484 8676

New Zealand South Island