Collection: Candle Care Kits

Get lost in our aromatic candles with an exclusive Scarlet & Grace candle care kit enhancing the purity and fragrance, giving you a superior sensory experience. 

Our candle care kits include: 

  • Wick trimmers, 
  • Candle snuffers, 
  • Candle dippers, and
  • A stainless steel tray that helps you create a captivating candle experience.

Our candle accessories, made from high-quality stainless steel, give you an extra 25% burn-time for every candle - sure to send you on an aromatic journey transforming your senses. 

Featuring a variety of candle care accessories necessary for all candle lovers.

Our products are:

  • Natural
  • Australian-Made
  • Vegan-friendly

Let Our Candle Accessories Give You the Joy of Captivating Fragrances!