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About Us

From our family to yours:

It was on a Clancy family holiday on the South Coast of New South Wales Australia, when the dream of 'Scarlet & Grace' was born.

The concept was to create a range of personal care products unlike anything else on the market, designed to delight the senses, and take consumers on an evocative journey through fragrance. To invigorate and relax, to refresh and restore, to rise above the mere functional to create a multi-sensorial experience.

With a vision of providing exceptional service and extraordinary products to retailers and consumers across the world, the Scarlet & Grace collection was brought to life.

Beginning with a modest range of candles and diffusers, the Scarlet & Grace range has rapidly grown to a diverse product offering including roomsprays, hand-creams, body-lotions, washes and accessories.

With the Clancy families 80-year multi-generational history in retail, this knowledge and experience has given a ’disruptive’ edge to Scarlet & Grace. They wanted to shake-up the Australian fragrance industry, to refresh the business landscape and bring back family values.

Scarlet & Grace's core belief is to develop long-term and prosperous relationships with retailers, distributors, consumers and all-other key stakeholders. "Without long-term relationships, a business’ viability and success will be forever limited".

With a founding focus on sustainability, Scarlet & Grace makes minimising its environmental impact a primary concern of every decision made. From recyclable packaging right through to raw material sourcing, only sustainable suppliers that support this vision are utilised in our supply chain management.

Our ingredients celebrate the outstanding natural environment of Australia, we are one of the very few home fragrance and body care brands officially certified as Australian made.

We are able to guarantee the exceptional quality of our raw materials which provide a superior product. We maintain our sustainability commitment by closely monitoring the supply chain and production of all key materials.

We are proudly palm-oil free and use only natural Australian Made soy wax in the manufacturing of our products.

Scarlet & Grace – founded, owned and run by the Clancy family


The Inspiration:

Scarlett O’Hara & Grace Kelly, are two beautiful women who led fascinating lives, and were a major inspiration that led to ‘Scarlet & Grace’.

Scarlett O’Hara was vibrant, strong, evoking and no-one could ever forget that dashing red lipstick!

While Grace Kelly was cool, calm, elegant and kind, and made the world a much better place. Both amazing, sophisticated individuals in their own right.

Like everyone, there are times when we feel like ‘Scarlett’, and then there’s those times when we feel like ‘Grace’, and the fragrance you have in your homes or on your skin is no different.

There are 2 sides to everyone, and so it’s important you have the right fragrance no matter what you feel.

So we made it our mission to do what no-one else ever has, and create a combination of fragrances to nurture both your inner Scarlett or Grace.