About Us

How did S&G Start?

The idea for Scarlet & Grace was born in 2016 on a Clancy family holiday on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Recalling our childhood home and the wonderful scents that always filled the air, we started lamenting the fact so many home fragrance products today were made overseas and often contained harmful chemicals.

Mum then posed the big question. "If you don’t think the products are safe, why don’t you do something about it?"

This ignited a conversation about creating a range of personal care products unlike anything else on the market. Products that were designed to delight the senses, that take you on a real sensory experience, and were made from 100% Australian ingredients.

The next two-years were spent developing fragrances and building an exclusive supply chain of pure, natural, and Australian produced materials.

We were relentless in our search and refused to compromise on quality. We had a clear vision. We wanted to create the safest, purest, and highest quality products available on the market.

We knew there was a lot of competitors in the market, but we believed strongly that people deserved access to products that were made using natural Australian ingredients at the core, that offered a superior fragrance throw, and greater value for money.

Refusing to compromise on the quality or source of our products we released our first products just in time for Christmas 2018.

Beginning with a modest range of candles and diffusers, the Scarlet & Grace range has rapidly grown to a diverse product offering including room sprays, hand-creams, body-lotions, washes, and accessories.

While sales weren’t huge that first Christmas, we got something a lot more valuable than sales. We got feedback. Now for the first time we had the chance to hear from the most important person. The customer. The feedback we received from our retail partners instantly told us we were on a winner.

Customers returned to the stores wanting to order more. They told the retailer they loved the scents, the fragrance throws and routinely reported it was the best product they had used.

This feedback validated everything we had been working so hard to create and soon the sales volumes would follow. 

Since launching we have opened a new manufacturing and distribution centre in Sale, grown a network of hundreds of retail partners across Australia and New Zealand and in 2022 launched Scarlet & Grace across the UK and parts of Europe.

Our brand promise remains the same today as it did the day we conceived of Scarlet and Grace. Anytime you buy a Scarlet and Grace product you can be confident it’s using the most natural, 100% Australian Made ingredients available.

As one of the only brands to have every ingredient scientifically tested and certified, we can guarantee the quality of everything we produce.

Driven by passion, we continue to explore cutting-edge technology, new ingredient blends and fragrances, with the goal to further enhance the customer experience, elevate the sensory impact, and deliver unrivalled value and quality in every product we produce.

Scarlet & Grace – founded, owned and run by the Clancy family


The Inspiration:

Scarlett O’Hara & Grace Kelly, are two beautiful women who led fascinating lives, and were a major inspiration that led to ‘Scarlet & Grace’.

Scarlett O’Hara was vibrant, strong, evoking and no-one could ever forget that dashing red lipstick!

While Grace Kelly was cool, calm, elegant and kind, and made the world a much better place. Both amazing, sophisticated individuals in their own right.

Like everyone, there are times when we feel like ‘Scarlett’, and then there’s those times when we feel like ‘Grace’, and the fragrance you have in your homes or on your skin is no different.

There are 2 sides to everyone, and so it’s important you have the right fragrance no matter what you feel.

So we made it our mission to do what no-one else ever has, and create a combination of fragrances to nurture both your inner Scarlett or Grace.