Custom Designs

Promotional Branding Made Easy.

Whether you are looking for a potent promotional product, a compelling corporate gift, or thank you to your staff, we have the perfect solution to help showcase your brand.

An effective promotional product or corporate gift needs to be Valuable, Useful and Memorable and that’s exactly what a Scarlet & Grace custom branded product offers you.


Ignite the senses of your prospects, customers, or staff.

Recognised as the strongest human sense, scientists suggest smell has the ability to affect our behaviour, emotions, perceptions, and memories, more than any of our other senses.

At Scarlet & Grace we create the most aromatic products on the market which makes them the perfect tool to use to create brand recognition.

Every time your prospects, customers, or staff smell your company branded Scarlet & Grace product, they will have a true sensory experience and be instantly reconnected to your brand.

How it works.

We can help you create the perfect gift or promotional product in three easy steps.

Step 1. Choose your product

 - Candle
 - Diffuser
 - Gift Box


Step 2. Choose your fragrance.

 - Fragrance Range


Step 3. Provide your company logo

 - Our design team will do the rest.


The Power of Positive Branding

"We have had so much positive feedback from people about the gift, they absolutely loved it. We have never had such strong response to a corporate gift before"

"I received a call three months after our event from a delegate who wanted to say thanks because they just lit their candle and were reminded about the event. Wow, that’s amazing."

"We give our best clients a gift every year, I can say without hesitation, nothing has received as much positive feedback as the Scarlet and Grace gift box. It really hit the mark."


Start Your Project

Our team are standing by to work with you to brand your product and deliver it in time for your special event or occasion.

To discuss your specific needs simply complete the form below today and one of our team will contact you to confirm the next steps.


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