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Custom Designs

To express yourself through fragrance is to express yourself through the most powerful sense we have.

How often can you create your brand’s story with such an experiential & memorable journey that will be enjoyed for months on-end?
At Scarlet & Grace, custom-made is taken to a new level of tailored service and personalised products.

Our philosophy is fragrance-first, we find the perfect scent and work on the right designs to evoke each brand’s distinctive individuality.
Whether part of a gifting programme or adding to a retail collection our bespoke products create another dimension to a brand’s story.

In Australia our homes are open and often large spaces, it has made us particularly skilled at creating the perfect balance with our fragrance
blends so they fill a room in just the right way. We can make the ideal product for every room, occasion, style or season.

But why is the power of fragrance so important? We can thank science.

Unlike the other senses of see, feel, touch and taste, smell actually bypasses your thalamus (relay station), and has a direct link straight into
your olfactory bulb, which is directly linked with your amygdala (emotional processing) and hippocampus (memory). 

This is why our senses of smell trigger memories immediately and far more efficiently than the other senses, and is the very reason why these
brands use fragrance to help build their brands even further - and literally imprint themselves into the minds of their target-customers.

Whether designing a series of ‘Little Stories’ inspired by seasons or themes, creating a limited-edition collection or finding a classic and
timeless evocation of a brand, our custom-made division is both expert and imaginative.